pip install mypackage Laptop with platform-native installation commands

Python Repositories

Balto offers the best installation experience for your Python libraries and applications.

Native install and upgrade experience

Let your customers use pip and other familiar tools to install your software, just like they do for all their Python libraries and apps.

Keep your customers up-to-date as part of their regular library upgrade procedures, without having to fiddle with Git repos in requirements.txt files. (Have you used Git repos in requirements.txt? It’s 👎)

Offer binary packages to make installation of compiled libraries much faster and easier.

Upload packages with twine, the tool you already know and use for PyPI.

Supports PyPI's JSON API so all your tools continue to work.

Web site for your Python repository

Like your own private PyPI.

Web site shows all uploaded packages with a beautiful theme you can customize for your brand.

Use your package’s long_description to provide details and usage instructions, just like PyPI.

Automatically show package details- version, dependencies, homepage, keywords, author, licence, etc.

Python-specific repo usage instructions provided automatically for your users.

Flexible repository structure

Use repos to structure releases in any way- from a single repo to multiple repos for alpha/beta/stable channels.

Offer unlimited versions of any package. Keep old versions so users can roll back if needed. We know this would never happen to you, but just in case...


Host package signatures so users can verify each package.

Control who can download packages- everyone, authorized customers, or just your own internal systems and developers.

TLS is used for all data in motion.

But wait, there's more...

You need native repositories, beautiful repo sites, visitor analytics, flexible access control, devops integration, and security. Balto has all that and more.

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