Great software deserves a legendary install and upgrade experience.

Delight your customers with native repos and beautiful branding, understand them with informative analytics, offered with flexible access control.

Native installation experience

Users expect to install software using the tools provided by their operating system or programming language. Don’t frustrate them with a proprietary installation procedure.

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Beautiful repository sites

Your software download site is a key part of your web presence, so customize it to match your brand. Packages in your repository are automatically presented in your download site.

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Understand your customers Coming soon

Track visits from the web site and downloads from the native repositories. Data can even be sent to your existing web analytics platform. Use the information to improve your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts.

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Balto offers these repos:

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Balto who?

We’re inspired by Balto, the sled dog whose team delivered a precious package- medicine to cure an outbreak of diphtheria threatening the children of Nome, Alaska in 1925.

We aim to deliver your packages with the same dedication, speed, and care demonstrated by Balto and his team.