What’s legendary about Balto software repositories?

Native experience

Users expect to install your applications and libraries using the tools provided by their platform. Don’t frustrate customers with a proprietary installation procedure.

Easy upgrades

Native repos help your customers always use the latest version of your software, or let them pin to a specific version- their choice.

Fast installation from global CDN

Public repositories are offered from our global CDN so your users don't have to wait for downloads.

Binary installs

Keep your installation quick and easy by supporting binary packages- only possible with native repos. Don’t force customers to compile your software.

Installation instructions for everyone

We’ve written installation instructions for every type of repository so you don’t have to.

Branding and themes

Your download site is a key part of your web presence, so customize it to match your brand.

Web content and package readme publishing

Packages in your repository are automatically presented in your download site. You can write content describing your repositories and projects. For repositories that support it, content for packages is taken directly from the uploaded package.

Search engine optimization Coming soon

Rank highly with your carefully-selected search engine tags. You have full control. Listings benefit from automatic sitemaps and robots.txt too.


Make a great impression when users share your download site on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and other social apps.

Accessible mobile sites

Offer your customers a great experience no matter what type of device they're using.

Usage stats

Track visits from the web site and downloads from the native repositories. Use the data to improve your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts.

Integrates with your analytics platform Coming soon

Send usage data straight to Google Analytics to see trends for all your web resources in one place. Report events for both the web site and download repositories.

Customer download reports and notifications Coming soon

For private repositories, see which customers have downloaded which software versions. Get notified when customers download a new version. You can tailor your customer success efforts better than ever before.

Public repositories

Offer your application or library to everyone. Great for trials, community editions, and open source libraries.

Customer entitlements Coming soon

Software is available only to registered customers- great for paid applications and libraries. Entitlements can have expiry dates. You can also restrict the installation packages to registered users but make the web site available to everyone.

Private and internal use

Distribute packages only to your own developers and systems- great for large development organizations, SaaS providers and anyone who operates their own internal or external services.

Really easy uploads

It couldn’t be any easier to upload packages, whether from your build pipeline or from your own workstation. Use curl (you already have it installed) or native upload tools where available. Repository signatures are handled automatically.

Extend with the API

The easy-to-use REST API allows integration with other systems. Your data isn’t locked inside.


Badges offer a quick glimpse of key information about repositories and packages, especially when placed on third-party sites such as GitHub repos.

Powerful structuring of releases

Use repos to structure releases in any way- from a single repo to multiple repos for alpha/beta/stable channels.

Repository signatures

For signed repositories (i.e. Debian), signatures are generated automatically. To make installation as easy as possible, instructions for adding the signing keys are provided.

Package signatures

For repositories with individual package signatures (i.e. Python), signatures are uploaded using the same tools used to upload the package. Couldn't be easier.


We probably don’t need to say this, but TLS is used whenever data is in motion.

Access tokens

Practice the principle of least privilege with upload-only or download-only tokens for your CI/CD systems.